Pink Intimate System

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Pink Intimate System is the ideal non-invasive solution to regain the youthfulness and firmness, lost over the years, of external vaginal tissues.

This innovative system is the first peel that lifts, whitens and rejuvenates the intimate areas allowing each woman to feel more positive about her body, not only improving self-confidence but also improving intimacy during intercourse.

Without disturbance of the epidermal layer. All-season, atraumatic, comfortable. For women and men.

Pink Intimate System whitens the dark areas of your most intimate body parts 🌹
  • nipples
  • underarm
  • inguinal
  • labia (vulva)
  • peri anal

Treatment Overview

This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, without any downtime, or pain. Intimate lightening system is basically like doing a chemical peel on the face, and it’s a very safe service approved by FDA. You will see an immediate improvement after the first session, however, you need to have a minimum of 6 sessions for a good result. The interval between treatment sessions is about 7-10 days and after you get the result you want, you are advised to come for monthly maintenance